Momentum is a (mostly) true Story about walking from Canada to Mexico, trying to figure out what the fuck it means to be a good man.

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We all have a Story about how we became who we are.

what if you could change yours?


when his girlfriend left him for another man, 29-year-old Jordan Bower set out to walk down the West Coast from Canada to Mexico—a trip he planned to do with his ex, but without her. The year he spent walking the Pacific Coast, through Washington, Oregon and California, did more than just change or heal him. He died and came back to life.

Momentum is the immersive storytelling experience that takes readers into that journey, so you can see what Jordan saw, meet who he met, hear the Stories that touched him—and fall in love with the dozens of women that he fell in love with along the way. It raises hugely necessary questions for our deeply chaotic time—about love, sex, masculinity, trauma, patriarchy, psychedelics and the real process of transformation—with remarkable depth, humor, emotional clarity and storytelling skill.

Part travel blog, part photo gallery, part self-help book and part mixtape, Momentum is a digital love letter that could only have been created by a child of the Eighties. It aims to inspire anyone bravely reckoning with the ghosts of their past so they can dream up a brighter future. This raw, funny, touching and vulnerable story invites us all to disintegrate our old selves, like caterpillars, so we can each tell a (mostly) true Story about how we died and came back as a monarch butterfly.

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DAY 260.

season one: fall // pacific northwest

DAY 23.

author’s note

back when I was thirty, I spent a year walking down the West Coast from Canada to Mexico, picking up the pieces after a bad breakup. The trip was my ex-girlfriend’s idea. We were supposed to do it together. After she left me for another man, I raised money on Kickstarter on an abrupt attempt to lure her back. I raised more than $8,000, but I didn’t get the girl. I ended up going unwillingly and alone.

What happened on that journey was beyond anything that I could have imagined. I didn’t just transform. My old self died and a new me was born in its place.

As soon as I finished the trip, I knew I had something special to share. By now, I’ve written through the Story of that trip dozens of times. There’s something in my memories that keeps drawing me back—something strange and amorphous that I’m still searching for language to describe. Every time through, I found new revelations about what I experienced, what it meant, how it informed who I’ve become today and how it relates to who I want to be tomorrow.

But when it comes to sharing my work publicly, I’ve been blocked. There’s so much about this Story that embarrasses me—stuff that happened then that I would never do today. I’ve really struggled to reconcile who I am now with what I used to be. When I talk about it with friends, they often tell me that it sounds like it happened to somebody else. In a way, it did.

The truth is that I’ve been overwhelmed by the fears of vulnerability. I’m afraid I’ll be humiliated if I’m too honest. I’m afraid I’ll lose my friends and family. I’m afraid no one will read it. I’m afraid everyone will read it. I’m afraid I’ll come off as insensitive, tone-deaf, sexist, racist, talentless, naive, navel-gazing, grandiose, woo-woo and a pervert.

I’m most afraid that people will love it.

Imagine: ten years of sorting through your memories, trying to make a Story out of the most intense and mysterious moments of your life; ten years of wrestling with outside pressure to soften something that was raw and real but doesn’t fit neatly into a social media post. I spent my thirties learning how to own, in a deeper way, who I actually knew myself to be. I’m forty now and still terrified to share that part of me with the world. But something strange and amorphous continues to compel me, even though I’m still searching for the language to describe it.

It’s time to take the next step. It’s my greatest pleasure—and my biggest fear—to introduce you to Momentum.

~ Jordan Bower, Vancouver, BC. August 2021.

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